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It must come from the heart, what should work on hearts.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Support the Associação Tiny Shelter with your work and live directly next to the dogs in our lovely studio!

At Tiny Shelter, we take in as many dogs as we can. All of our regular volunteers are passionate about animals and sacrifice their free time for the welfare of dogs. They will welcome you and teach you everything needed to care for the dogs in our shelter.

In March 2022, the Associação Tiny Shelter was founded and in June 2023, the shelter moved to a site built from scratch.

There is now an adorable little studio there for all the volunteers who want to dedicate their time to the dogs!

The studio is equipped with two beds, a sofa, a table with four chairs, a kitchenette with microwave, induction stove and coffee capsule machine. The toilet and shower is also used by the regular helpers of the shelter. The connecting door can be locked from the studio.

The stay in the studio is free of charge. In return, you will help us with the dogs 25-30 hours per week spread over 4-5 days. The minimum stay is 2 weeks.

You will help the regular volunteers clean the pens and feed the dogs. Some of the dogs need medical treatment or are traumatized and need special attention.
We have large play areas where the dogs can let off steam. But of course, they also love to see new things on walks.

Working in a dog shelter is truly not a glamorous summer camp. 🙂 We all work hard, but we are rewarded with plenty of licks and love from the dogs.

Yes, you will get dirty! But you get so much back from the dogs. So if you’re a dog lover and want to help the volunteers and dogs at Tiny Shelter, get in touch!